What You Love About
the Mexico You Love
There’s a certain kind of traveler who keeps showing up at Casa Jacaranda…someone who came to Mexico for a reason. In search of culture you can’t see from a bus. Something beyond the beach—a deeper journey that takes intention. Casa Jacaranda is the Mexico that’s easy to miss—that a lot of people don’t “get”—yet once you start to see it, it’s everywhere.

Your Mexico

Your Mexico is deep, authentic. Real friends and unvarnished conversation. Sophistication that’s inherent, not inherited. But don’t forget the fun: the music, a dance…some flirting or one more nip of mescal. Time that stretches out before it ends.

In Mexico,
It's About the Food.

Always and everywhere in Mexico—it’s so much about the food. Comforts you crave, time and again. Dishes you never heard of but now can’t forget. Even some scary stuff that makes for a great story. You can barely find it back home anymore. And it seems to be on every corner here. Now that’s sazón.