The Meaning of Sazón
Literally, “flavor”—but so much more. Something beyond the ingredients yet there is no recipe. The sensation that even the simplest dish came out right. You taste the freshness, the piquancy, the balance of salty, sweet, rich, acidic. Invisible and unmeasurable…you just know it when you taste it.
Grandmothers, mothers, the women who helped out in the kitchen all say it’s the flavor of love. The warmth of the hearth, the open invitation, the way you share. Friends from next door and visitors who came from half a world away. Sound elusive? Not really. An afternoon at Casa Jacaranda and you’ll get it, too.
Sobremesa: the joy
after lunch
The word Mexican cooking had to invent, sobremesa is the sazón that’s left over after dessert plates are cleared. Lively, post-prandial conversations on lazy afternoons. A drop of digestif to sweeten smart opinions. Holding on to taste memories that can’t last forever—holding on to the moment. Sobremesa is good friends and the good life—free from blinking distractions. The world lies outside, but you’re happy right where you are. That urgent tweet is a sparrow in the jacaranda.

to Cook Mexican

Cooking Mexican at Casa Jacaranda is serious fun—but the fun is serious, and a deep appreciation for the joys of Mexican cooking is at the center of every lesson. Guests learn age-old recipes and techniques that are back at the forefront of good, real cooking. With Beto and Jorge, food comes first, from scratch and doing it the hard way—which is precisely the reason you’ll love cooking Mexican.

More HOT
than HAUTE

Everything you cook at Casa Jacaranda is delicious, fresh, delicate and refined. But it’s not about spectacle, competition or molecular science. Here the focus is authentic Mexican food as part of a life lived fully—beautifully—and anyplace on earth. Jacaranda’s signature sazón lives on a human scale and close to the earth. True luxury, expressed in the intangibles of food, friends and life—something money, in fact, cannot buy.


Once you meet them the whole thing makes sense. They love being right where they are—and are glad you came, too. The jokes, the fun, the affection. Is there anyone they can’t talk to? Sure, they’ve been everywhere—but Casa Jacaranda is their favorite place on earth, you just feel it. Erudite in the most appealing way. Too bad you don’t know guys like this everywhere else in the world. And are they something in the kitchen.