Part One

The first luxury at Casa Jacaranda is kickoff at the market—and in Mexico, marketing is a dialogue. Its best tastes, smells and colors inspire and shape the culinary day to come. Jorge and Beto meet groups at Colonia Roma’s Medellín Market where you grab some coffee, a walkable bite perhaps, and then meet the best specialty vendors, the butchers who know what they’re doing, the lady who always has the best avocados or chiles. You’ll focus on what’s in season and what merchants say is at its peak; the menu emerges from what you discover. In season, market tours may also include visits to neighborhood orchards.

Part Two:

Back at Casa Jacaranda, Beto and Jorge help guests develop their own, one-of-a-kind sazón. You’ll chop and dice—everything is made from scratch—and you will man the blender (at this point it’s as traditional to Mexican cooking as a stone molcajete). Salads and sides come together like something out of Eden; meats, poultry and seafoods stay simple, but perfect. Meanwhile salsas—sometimes complex in ingredients, almost always a dish’s signature statement—take shape, step by step…complete with tricks and secrets the boys swore to their grandmothers they’d never tell. All along the way they speak of the history behind the traditions; in Mexico, legend haunts nearly every dish. One thing we really love: students say that more than just recipes, at Casa Jacaranda you get the hang of Mexican cooking—the intuitive knowledge you take home—and recreate—after Mexican travels end.

Part Three
Let's Eat!
2:30 - 4:30 pm

Wrapping up in the kitchen, Beto, Jorge and guests set a magnificent vintage table in the rooftop garden, beneath the namesake jacaranda tree. Artisanal mescal makes an excellent aperitif…and then all the work, everything learned, the aromas, the tastes, the love and the sazón hit the table. Students (and their recently-arrived guests) dine on every course created, contrasting moods and flavors, color and texture as the afternoon slips into what might be best of all: sobremesa. Great food and gorgeous surroundings whet the appetite for gossip, debate, reminiscence and just plain fun, in conversations as varied as you, your life-story and all you’ve experienced at Casa Jacaranda. The whole experience will be held from 9:30 am until 3 or 4:00 pm

The Experience

The whole experience will be held from 9:00 am until 4 or 4:30 pm

Cost per person: 180 US Dlls

Party of 2:  $ 180 US Dlls each
Party of 3:  $ 171 US Dlls each
Party of 4:  $ 165 US Dlls each
Child: $ 120 US Dlls each

Invite a friend to lunch!

In case you want to invite a friend or two (Maximum 2) over for lunch with us at Casa Jacaranda, let us know in advance and book the invitation. You will cook for them, and then they can enjoy a delicious Mexican meal with the group.

Cost per friend 40 US Dlls